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Vodka is a clear alcoholic drink and contains between 35% and 60% alc / vol.. It is made from either rye, wheat or potatoes. It is uncertain from where vodka has its origin, but many believes it to be somewhere in western Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus or Scandinavia. It was around the year 1400th Vodka was made for the first time.

Vodka is very popular worldwide, and can be enjoyed in many ways - as a shot or as an ingredient in many well-known drinks as Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, etc.

In addition to the well-known brands of Vodka, today you can find an interesting selection of top vodkas on the market, such as Grey Goose Vodka, Skyy 90 Vodka and Belvedere Vodka.

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Be ready for festivities with a cooled vodka
Your guests are arriving in half an hour, what should you serve? What would they like to drink? With a vodka in the fridge - it can’t go wrong.

Vodka is brilliant both as shots and as an ingredient in fancy drinks. In virtually all drinks vodka is an important part of the mix. All vodkas below are good for drinks and shots. Vodka can be mixed with soft drinks (vodka coke, vodka sprite, vodka soda water) and add a little color to it, then you immediately have a fancy drink that, which is easy made. In addition you can make some delicious cocktails with vodka and like a little lime or citrus.

All the known vodka brands online
We offer all the known brands of vodka in all price levels. From the cheapest vodkas to the expensive delicious vodkas. The major brands are available in different flavors. Do you enjoy the taste of vodka, we certainly recommend to taste vodka lime, vodka orange, vodka lemon, etc.

We offer bottles in all sizes. Impress your guests with Vodka bottles of 3 liters or 6 liters.
Smirnoff Vodka, 70 cl
Zubrowka Polsk Vodka 70 cl
Eldvatn Premium Vodka
Russian Standard Platinum
Green Mark Russian Vodka (Ceder Nut) 40% 70cl - SKAFFEVARE
Russian Standard Gold Vodka
Tovaritch! Premium Russian Vodka
Stolichnaya Vodka, 70 cl, 40%
Tom of Finland Vodka
Tito's Vodka
Purity Vodka, Super 17 Premium
Den Klodsede bjørn vodka 40% 50 cl.
Purity Vodka, Connoisseur 51 Premium
Imperial Golden Snow Vodka
Reyka Vodka
Røgbjørnen 40% 50 cl.
Purity Vodka, Ultra 34 Premium
Mikkeller Spirits, Dry Hop Simcoe Vodka
Chase Vodka, Naked Vodka, 70 cl, 40%
Chase Vodka, English Vodka, 70 cl, 40%
Crystal Head Vodka
Belvedere Vodka Citrus
Sacred Spirits, Sacred Organic Vodka
Belvedere Red Vodka
Chase Marmelade Vodka, 70cl 40%
Smirnoff Vodka 300 cl
Smirnoff Vodka 35 cl
Russian Standard Original
Stolnaya Lemon Russisk Vodka 38% 70cl
Munus, Northland Premium Craft Vodka
Froggy B Vodka
Rain Vodka - organic small batch vodka from Buffalo Trace 40% 75cl
Russian Standard Imperia
Vodka Hass Pakken
Snow Leopard Vodka
Purity Vodka, 40%, 175 cl
Crystal Head 5 cl.
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Green Mark Russian Vodka (Wheat) 40% 70cl
   Out of stock
CPH Vodka 44% 70 cl.
   Out of stock
   Out of stock
Gajol Vodka Shot Sort 30%
   Out of stock
Ciroc Vodka 40% 70 cl.
   Out of stock
Ultimat Vodka
   Out of stock
Belvedere, Diamond Rye Vodka
   Out of stock
Crystal Head Vodka 1,75 Ltr.
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