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Vecchia Romagna
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Vecchia Romagna

In that year's 1820, when it began to lacquer against the end of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, his official Cognac supplier had to hurry to find new pastures and perhaps a little far away.

In the beautiful countryside around the ancient Italian city of Bologna, Jean Bouton found an area that confused Charente's home in France, where the famous Cognac was produced. Bouton selected grape Trebbiano Toscano (also known as Ugni Blanc), built a distillery after French specimens - and the rest is history.

Only in 1939, Vecchia Romagna got its current name, but then it was already a well-known and loved drink among the happy Italian people. Since then, the rest of the world has become aware of Vecchia Romagna, which today is Italy's best-selling brand brand with exports to all over the world.

There is high demand for Vecchia Romagna for it to even call brandy: It must be a distillate of wine; It must be stored for at least 1 year in oak barrels (alternatively ½ year on smaller oak barrels); And neither alcohol nor taste should be added. At Vecchia Romagna you only use European oak and the attitude is that the tree must be at least 100 years old to give the brandy its special deep amber color and its unique taste.

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