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Valrhona Chocolate
13 pcs
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16 pcs

Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona Chocolate is today seen as nothing less than the world's best chocolate. Founded in 1922 in Tain L'Hermitage in the Rhone Valley in southern France, with a clear ideology and aim to produce and supply exquisite chocolate to chocolatierer, confectioner’s shops and restaurants worldwide.

The unique quality of the Valrhona chocolate depends on the selection of the cocoa beans. This is done by their own people in selected plantations, which doesn’t use any kind of pesticides. When the beans are sun-dried, they are shipped to Train L'Hermitage in France, where they are used for the chocolate production in various forms.

Here you get super delicate chocolate - either to enjoy directly from the package or for cooking.

Valrhona - Guanaja 70 gr
Valrhona - Jivara 70 gr
Valrhona - Chokolade Orelys 35% - White 200 g.
Valrhona - Hvid Chokolade Drops 24%, 200 g.
Valrhona - Mælke Chokolade Drops 32%, 200 g
Valrhona - Chokolade Azélia 35% - milk 200 g
Valrhona - Chokolade Guanaja 70% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Tanariva 33% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Waina 35% 200 g.
Valrhona, Dulcey 32% - 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolae Manjari 64% - Madagascar 200 g.
Valrhona - inspiration Almond 200 g.
Valrhona Kakaopulver 250gr
Valrhona, Ivoire Frambroise 85 gr
Valrhona, Guanaja Home Cooking 1kg
Valrhona, Initiation Grand Crus - pakning med 6 stykker
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Tainori 70 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Abinao 70 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Caraibe 70 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Dulcey 70 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Manjari 70 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Caramelia Perles Craquantes 85 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Caraibe Noisettte 85 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Guanaja Grué 85 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Mørk Chokolade Drops 52%, 200 g
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Manjari Orange 85 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Chokolade Caraibe 66% 200 g.
   Out of stock
Valrhona - inspiration passion 200 g
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Kokkechokolade Guanaja
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Kokkechokolade Jivara
   Out of stock
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