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Good tea comes in many flavors. Good tea is beautifully wrapped. Good tea will not becomes bitter in the cup. Good tea is worth every penny.

We have all the top quality brands of tea, you will find both classic blends and new aromatic flavors.

Kusmi Tea, Xoted (Detox) 20 gr
Kusmi Tea - Julethe 25 gr
London Tea Company - Organic Camomile
London Tea Company - Organic Peppermint Tea
Kusmi Tea - Thefilter
Kusmi Tea - BB Detox Iced Tea, 20 thebreve
Nute, Mix - 10 thebreve i trææske
Sing te, Hvid & Grøn med Grape/blomster I Pose
Sing te, Sweet bombay I Pose
Sing te, Økoligisk Herbal mint I Pose
Nute, Blue & Berry 100 gr
Nute, Green Autum Tea 100 gr
Nute, Green Earl Grey 100 gr
Nute, Raspberry & Thyme 100 gr
Nute, White Rose & Berry 100 gr
Nute, Herbal Chai 100 gr
Nute, Nordic Chai 100 gr
Nute, Nordic Night 100 gr
Kusmi Tea - Karavan 125 gr.
David Rio Chai - Tortoise Green Tea
Kusmi Tea - Anastacia
David Rio Chai - Elephant Vanilla
David Rio Chai - Orca Spice (Sukkerfri)
Sing Te, Matcha Ikenoshiro 20 g ( grøn)
Kusmi Tea, Winter by Kusmi Tea
Sing Te, Matcha Seihou 20 g.
Kusmi Tea, Essentials "Ice Tea"
Kusmi Tea - Karavan 250 gr.
Kusmi Tea - Aqua Rosa 250 gr
Kusmi Tea - Les Moments
Kusmi Tea - Blue Detox 250 gr
Sing te, "Nyt år-Sund sæt" Long Jing, Xue Rong
Sing Te, Matcha Seihou 40 g.
Sing te, Matcha stater-kit i æske
Nute, Green Ginger Mint 100 gr
Kusmi Tea - Julethe
   Out of stock
David Rio Chai - Flamingo Vanilla Decaf
David Rio Chai - Tiger Spice
For Life - Teabag Teapot 35cl
For Life - Stump Teapot 50cl
For Life - Curve Teapot 70cl
   Out of stock
For Life - Curve Teapot 1,3 liter
   Out of stock
David Rio Chai - Elephant Vanil 1.816 gr
London Tea Company - Earl Grey
   Out of stock
London Tea Company - Tropical Green tea
   Out of stock
London Tea Company - White tea, Tarte Tatin
   Out of stock
London Tea Company - English Breakfast
   Out of stock
London Tea Company - Organic Camomille & Lavender
   Out of stock
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