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Here you’ll find our wide range of different syrups for drinks, coffee and so on. We carry a lot of different syrup from Monin Syrup and other producers as well.

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Monin Sirup, Chokolade 25cl
Monin Banan puré 100 Cl
Cherry Rocher - 1705, Hindbær Sirup - 25 cl
Cherry Rocher - 1705, Jordbær Sirup - 25 cl
Cherry Rocher - 1705, Mango Sirup - 25 cl
Cherry Rocher - 1705, Mojito Sirup - 25 cl
1705 - Karamel Sirup - 25 cl
1705 - Vanilje Sirup - 25 cl
Monin Sirop - Noisette Hasselnød 25 cl
Monin Sirop, Citron, Rantcho Lemon
Monin Sirup, Vanille 25 cl
ICED Espresso Irish Rhum Cream, ½ LITER
ICED Espresso Original Sweet, 1/2 liter
Monin Sirop, Jordbær, Fraise, Strawberry
Monin Sirop, Rørsukker, Pur Sucre de Canne, Pure Cane Sugar
Monin, Mango 70 cl.
Monin Sirop, Grenadine
Monin Sirup Citron
Monin Sirop, Fersken, Peche, Peach
Monin Sirop, Mojito Mint
Monin Sirop, Passion frugt, Fruit de la Passion 70 cl
Monin, Lime Juice, Cordial Mixer
Modo, Mango Sirup
Modo, Rabarber Sirup
Monin Sirop, Coco, Coconut, Kokos sirup
Monin Sirop, Curacau Triple Sec 70 cl
Monin Sirop, Vanille, Vanilla, Vanilje sirup
Monin Sirup French Vanilla
Monin Sirup, Gin Flavoured
Monin Sirup, Gomme - Gum
Monin Sirup, Salted Caramel
Monin Sirup, Sugar Free Caramel
Monin Sirup, Sugar Free Vanilla
Monin Sirop, Menthe Verte, Green Mint, Grøn Mint
Monin Sirup Mandel 70 cl.
Monin Sirup Agurk
Monin, Grøn Æble Sirop, Pomme Verte, Green Apple
Monin Lychee - Litchi
Monin Sirup Vandmelon
Monin Sirop - Flavoured Coffee Set
Monin Jordbær puré 100 Cl
1705 - Chokolade Sirup - 25 cl.
   6 - 6 days
Monin Sirop, Pina-Colada, 70 cl
Monin Sirop, Kiwi 70 cl
Monin Sirup Hindbær 70 cl
Monin Chai Tea Syrup
Monin Passions frugt puré 100 Cl
Monin Puré,  Rabarber 100 cl
Cherry Rocher - 1705,Fersken Sirup - 25 cl
   Out of stock
Monin Sirup, Caramel 25 cl
   Out of stock
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