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Summerbird Chocolate
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Summerbird Chocolate

Danish Summerbird has in a few years been recognized as some of the best chocolate in the world.

Summerbird chocolate is manufactured without any compromises from the selection of raw materials to the development of exciting flavor combinations.

Each piece of chocolate is an extraordinary experience!

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Summerbird - Strawberry mandler 100 g.
Summerbird - Ny Tapas Gaveæske
Summerbird - Vagtelæg i æske, Amber
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Vagtelæg i æske, Liquorice
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Vagtelæg i æske, Mint
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Collection of Eggs, 9 stk
Summerbird - Organic Eggs, 8 stk
Summerbird - Sølvæg Classic
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Sølvæg Grande 500 gr
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Sølvæg Miniature
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Easter Collection
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Forårsmandler, Mango
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Christmas Collection
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Amber 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Liquorice 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Milk 49% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Peru 61% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Peru 71% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - White 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Liquorice
Summerbird - Madagascar 71% Sea Salt Mandler
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Nougat Mandler
Summerbird - Praliné Cocoa
Summerbird, Praline & Croquant
   Out of stock
Summerbird, 2 hjerter
Summerbird, Winter Bar 110 gr.
   Out of stock
Summerbird, 4 friske fyldte
Summerbird, Collection 100gr
Summerbird, Milk 49% Kokkechokolade
Summerbird, Peru 71% Kokkechokolade
Summerbird, White Organic Kokkechokolade
Summerbird - Sparkling 37,5 cl
   Out of stock
Summerbird, Eggs 4
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Pure Amande
Summerbird, 8 friske
Summerbird, Fusion 90 gram.
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Sparkling 75 cl
Summerbird - Coffee Lovers Nødder, Glas
Summerbird - Praliné Cocoa Mandler, Glas
Summerbird - Coffee Lovers
Summerbird, Vanilla & Cherry
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Organic Caramels, Praliné
Summerbird - Amber 36% Kokkechokolade
Summerbird, Peru 61% Kokkechokolade
Summerbird, Amber Sommerfugl
Summerbird, Winter Bar 220 gr.
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Chokoladepålæg
Summerbird - Liquorice Mandler, Glas
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