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Sherry is a fortified wine which comes from the southern part of Spain. Like the production of other fortified wines, such as Port and Madeira, the fermentation is stopped by adding alcohol to the wine. This results in a sweet wine with a higher alcohol percent.

Sherry is stored in oak casks which is filled only ⅘. A layer of “flor” is formed at the surface of the sherry, which gives the wine character and protects against oxidation from the air above the wine.

Many types of Sherry is found with their own characteristics; Fino Sherry is very dry, Manzanilla Sherry is dry and slightly salty and Oloroso is a dry sherry with a deep nutty flavor. In northern Europe, the sweet flavors like Cream Sherry and Muscatel are the most well known along with the sweetest variant called Pedro Ximenez or simply PX, which is made of Pedro Ximenez grapes dried before being pressed.

Don PX, Vino de Pasas, 37,5 cl
Barbadillo Eva Cream Sherry
Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa
Lustau, Fino "Jarana" Sherry
Lustau, Dry Amontillado "Los Arcos" Sherry
Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear Sherry
Lustau Dry Olorosso "Don Nuno" Sherry
Lustau, Rare Cream "Solera Superior" Sherry
Lustau, Rare Amontillado Escuadrilla Sherry
Bodegas Ximenez-Spinola, Bot Ximenez Old Harvest
Lustau Moscatel "Emelin" Sherry
Lustau PX "San Emilio" Sherry Pedro Ximénez
Don PX, Convento Seleccion, Vintage 1946
Juan Piñero, Moscatel
Juan Piñero, Pedro Ximinez
Juan Piñero, Oloroso
Juan Piñero, Palo Cortado
Juan Piñero, Manzanilla Maruja Pasada
Juan Piñero, Cream
Barbadillo, Cream Full Rich Sherry
Barbadillo PX Extra Rich Sherry
Emilio Lustau, Old East India Solera 50 cl.
Lustau Almacanista Manzanilla "Pasada de Sanlúcar" Sherry 50cl
Lustau, Almacenista Amontillado del Puerto Sherry 50cl
   Forventes på lager igen d. 30.05.2015
Don PX, 1988, 37,5 cl
Lustau, Almacenista Oloroso "Pata de Gallina" Sherry 50cl
Barbadillo, Pedro Ximenez, La Cilla, PX Sherry
Lustau Añada 1998 Dulce 50 cl.
Juan Piñero, Manzanilla Maruja
Juan Piñero, Amontillado
Barbadillo Oloroso Full Dry Sherry
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Barbadillo, Amontillado Medium Dry Sherry
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Juan Piñero, Fino Camborio
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Don PX, Vino de Pasas, 75 cl
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Lustau, Palo Cortado "Peninsula" Sherry
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Barbadillo, Olorosso Abocado San Rafael Sherry
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Barbadillo, Amontillado Principe Sherry
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Barbadillo, Oloroso Dry Cuco Sherry
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Barbadillo, Palo Cortado, Obispo Gascon Sherry
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