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We love pesto and for that reason we are pretty picky to select the pesto we offer for you.

Here you will find only quality pesto made from the best ingredients -  If you prefer the red pesto of sun-dried tomatoes or green pesto of basil, you decide yourself.

Most popular
Pesto Calvi 80 gram
Costa Ligure, Crema de Carciofi
Oliven pate Calvi 130 gram
La Mecina Ligure, Bruschettasauce m/oliven 180g
La Mecina Ligure, Pesto alla Genovese (m. frisk basilikum) 180g
La Mecina Ligure, Pesto in Salsa 180 g.
Pesto Calvi 180 gram
Pesto Vivo 135 gram
   2 - 2 days
La Mecina Ligure, Antico Sugo (Old fashioned tomato sauce), 180g
   2 - 4 days
Pesto Rosso 135 gram
   Out of stock
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