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Pasta is these days available in many price categories and ours is not necessarily the cheapest. Be good to yourself and taste good quality pasta. Once you try it you’ll never be in doubt that it is worth every penny!

The selection is large and we offer products in many colors and shapes.

ALB-GOLD, Conchiglioni, 250g (store muslinger)
Cheveux d'Ange 250 g
ALB-GOLD, Spaghetti, 500g
ALB-GOLD, Spiraloni, 250g (store skruer)
ALB-GOLD, Nidi di Tagliatelle, 500g (fuglereder)
ALB-GOLD, Fagionini, 500g (bønner)
Tagliolina Funghi Porcini 250g
ALB-GOLD, Linguine, 500g (bred spaghetti)
   Out of stock
Spaghetti med chili 250g
   Out of stock
Paccheri Rigati Caserecci 500g
   Out of stock
Tagliolini di Seppia 500 gram
   Out of stock
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