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Olive oils
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Olive oils

Olive oil used as delicate golden drops on bread and salad - or as a regular ingredient in your daily cooking.

Our range offers olive oils in different price ranges and for different uses - take your pick.

A L'Olivier Ramsløg
A L'Olivier Huile Vierge de Sesame, Sesamolie 250 ml
A L'Olivier Basilikum
Mosto Oro 10 cl
North Oak, Pressed Olives
A L'Olivier Citron & Ingefær
Meyers - Olivenolie 250 ml
A L'Olivier Chili
Romanico XV olivenolie 50 cl
NOAN Classic, græsk, middel, 250 ml
Dominus XV olivenolie 50 cl
Luigi Tega, Lirys Olio Extra Vergine
NOAN Douro,Olivenolie Med Citron 250 ml
Soler Romero, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml
Calvi XV Classico        50 cl
NOAN Intenso, italiensk, kraftig, 250 ml
MA´ SARAH Suave (Arbequina) 500ml
Kalamata XV Olivenolie Økologisk 500 ml.
Marques de Valdueza 50 cl
"5" FIVE extra jomfru olivenolie, 500 ml i æske"
Castillo Canena, Picual Olivenolie Biodynamisk 500 ml.
Calvi XV Mosto Oro 75 cl
A L'Olivier Ail & Thym
   6 - 6 days
A L'Olivier Hvidløg & Timian
NOAN Douro, portugisisk, middel, 250 ml
Calvi Pinzimolio olie XV 50 cl
"5" FIVE extra jomfru olivenolie, 200 ml i æske"
MA´ SARAH Intenso (Picual) 500ml
Calvi XV Classico        75 cl
Luigi Tega, Lirys Olio Extra Vergine 300 cl
De 10 "uundværlige"
A L'Olivier Provencale, Olivenolie med Provencekrydderi 250 ml
   Out of stock
Soler Romero, Organic First day of harvest, 500 ml
   Out of stock
Terraliva XV olivenolie 50 cl
   Out of stock
De 5 "uundværlige"
   Out of stock
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