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Mill & Mortar Spices
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Mill & Mortar Spices

Mill & Mortar is a Danish brand which in a few years has gained great success with their product line. The aim is to offer quality spices for the discerning consumer.

The following principles are set by Mill & Mortar and used to select all the products:

  • The spices should appear, smell and taste, as when they were harvested.
  • The spices must have an origin, letting the consumer know, that the cultivation and harvesting is done in a way which is not depleting the global resources.
  • The spices must be unique products which can tell a story about people who work to create something unique

Mill & Mortar has also been nominated for the Creative Circle Awards (the Danish advertising industry price) for the design of the brand and packaging.

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Mill & Mortar, Thyme, Timian
Mill & Mortar, Black Salt
Mill & Mortar, Rødvinssalt
Mill & Mortar, Røget salt
Mill & Mortar, Sort flagesalt
Mill & Mortar, Herbs de la Mer
Mill & Mortar, Oregano
Mill & Mortar - Flaming Dust
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Asani Økologisk
Mill & Mortar - Mandler med havsalt
Mill & Mortar - Cayenne, Fintmalet pulver
Mill & Mortar - Dust, Bronze 10 gr
Mill & Mortar - Dust, Gold 10 gr
Mill & Mortar - Dust, Silver 10 gr
Mill & Mortar - Hvid peber, hel
Mill & Mortar - Rosmarin
Mill & Mortar - Smokey Sally
Mill & Mortar - Sort peber, Hel, ØKO
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Gule sennepsfrø Økologisk
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Ingefær Stødt Økologisk
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Kommen Økologisk
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Murcia Paprika Økologisk
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Spidskommen Økologisk
Mill & Mortar, Columbo Curry
Mill & Mortar, Enebær
Mill & Mortar, Estragon
Mill & Mortar, Garam Masala
Mill & Mortar, Grøn fennikel
Mill & Mortar, Gurkemeje, stødt
Mill & Mortar, Koriander
Mill & Mortar, Pebernødder
Mill & Mortar, Rasta Pasta
Mill & Mortar, Røget Sød Paprika
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Curepipe Rosen
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Mini Kværn
Mill & Mortar - Kardemomme, stødt ØKO
Mill & Mortar - Mandler med havsalt og rosmarin
   Midlertidigt udsolgt
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Safran
   Midlertidigt udsolgt
Mill & Mortar, Havtorn stykker 25 gr
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar, Citrussalt
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar - Råpistacie, usaltet
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar, Tangsalt
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar, Herbes de Provence
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar - Happy Roots
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar - Muskat, Økologisk
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Stjerneanis Økologisk
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar, Hindbærstøv 50 gr
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar - Kryddernelliker
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Allehånde Økologisk
   Out of stock
Mill & Mortar Krydderier - Brune sennepsfrø Økologisk
   Out of stock
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