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Claus Meyer gives you the delicacies of a very high standard, produced with the best ingredients. All the products are designed by Claus Meyer himself - and he makes it a point of honour using the best of Nordic fruits and vegetables.

Meyers - Tomat Relish
Meyers - Jule Blomme Marmelade
Meyers - Hindbær Marmelade
Meyers - Jordbær Marmelade
Meyers - Æblecider Eddike
Meyers - Kirsebæreddike 250 ml
Meyers - Hindbæreddike
Meyers - Hyldeblomsteddike 250 ml
Meyers - Æbleeddike 250 ml
Meyers - Rød Gløgg
Meyers - Balsamico 250 ml
Meyers - Olivenolie 250 ml
Meyers - Balsamisk Æbleddike 1 års
Meyers - Gastrik
Meyers - Æble Sirup
Meyers - Clementin Marmelade
   Out of stock
Meyers - Peberfrugt Relish
   Out of stock
Meyers - Rødløgs Relish
   Out of stock
Meyers - Solbær Marmelade
   Out of stock
Meyers - Figen Marmelade
   Out of stock
Meyers - Pære med Fennikel Marmelade
   Out of stock
Meyers - Æblegløgg
   Out of stock
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