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Magnum Champagne
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Magnum Champagne

Here you’ll find our selection of Champagne in magnum sizes.

It's great to hold a Magnum champagne bottle in the hand, and this could be reason enough to buy one. But actually you get a better champagne experience. Magnum bottles allows for a better champagne than normal bottles - But we have to admit that this argument is for Champagne-geeks and connoisseurs :-)

Some variants are available in even bigger bottles than you see here - contact us if you are interested.

Duval-Leroy, Champagne NV Brut Magnum
Deutz Brut Classic Champagne, Magnum 150 cl
Gosset Brut Grande Reserve Magnum
Moet & Chandon, Rose Imperial Magnum Champagne
Gosset Brut Grande Rose Magnum
Moët & Chandon, Brut Imperial Balthazar 12 liter
Louis Roederer, Cristal 1999 Dobbeltmagnum Champagne
Mercier Brut Magnum Champagne
Dom Perignon Vintage Magnum 2009
Moët & Chandon, Nectar Imperial Magnum 150 cl Champagne
   10 - 10 days
Louis Roederer, Brut Premier Champagne, Magnum 150 cl
Deutz Brut Classic Champagne, Dobbeltmagnum 300 cl
Louis Roederer, Brut Premier Champagne, Dobbeltmagnum 300 cl
Moët & Chandon, Brut Imperial Jeroboam 3 liter
   10 - 10 days
Moët & Chandon, Brut Imperial Salmanazar 9 liter
Champagne Deutz, Deutz Rose Non Vintage Magnum
Duval-Leroy, Champagne NV Brut 300 cl in wooden box
Gosset Brut Excellence Magnum
   Out of stock
Veuve Clicquot Brut Magnum
   Out of stock
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