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Wine has been produced in Madeira since the 1600s - and the special process "Estufagem' has always been used. Earlier, when the grapes came from small villages far from the city Funchal, it was too dangerous to transport wine across the volcanic island after the harvest in the fall.  So the producers had to wait until the spring.

In the wintertime the wine was stored in dense fabric bags up under the rooftops. In the beginning of the autumn the bags were exposed to extreme heat and in the wintertime coldness. This gave the madeira its unique roasted character and at the same time it is the most durable type of wine in the world.

The best madeiras can be stored for more than 100 years - and yes, people have been tasted madeira which was more than 200 years old and at its peak.

Blandy's Madeira, Fine Rainwater Madeira
Blandy's Madeira, 5 Years old Sercial
Justinos Madeira Reserve 5 Years Old
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira 5 Years Old Sweet
Justinos Madeira Boal 10 Years Old
Blandy's Madeira, 10 Years old Malmsey
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira 10 Years Old Sweet
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira Malvazia 2002
Blandy Brothers & Co.Ltd. Colheita Malmsey 1996
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira Malvazia 1989
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira Boal 1977
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira Boal 1908
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira Boal 2001
Blandy's Madeira, 5 Years old Malmsey
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira 15 Years Old Sweet
Justinos Madeira Colheita 1999
   Out of stock
Justinos Madeira Colheita 1995
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Blandys, Madeira Malmsey 15 års
   Out of stock
Pereira d'Oliveira, Madeira Malvazia 1992
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