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A good cocktail, the right whisky, or a perfectly mixed drink could be the right start of the weekend, or the extra feature of a great party, and more. Liquor-Store-Europe would like to share the stories behind the different types of spirits, how to add drinks to a perfectly organized party, and much more.

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The world's best whisky

Scotland is indeed the world's leading whisky producer, but good quality whisky is certainly being produced elsewhere in the world as well. The individual whiskies complex aromas and flavors arising solely from the way, the whisky has been produced; the distillery's unique style, interaction with wood and air, and the master blender’s embossing of the product.

Old Pulteney is Scotland's most northerly whisky distillery on the mainland, and is considered to produce one of Scotland's best single malts. The story behind the distillery is just as exciting as the whisky itself.

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American whiskey

Whiskey from the land of opportunity is spanning as wide as the country's population. All kinds of whiskey are produced, but the American whiskey production is mostly known for their Bourbon.
We have made an introduction to bourbon, and the story behind it.

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Moonshine Whiskey: Retrieved from hiding

History of Moonshine Whiskey or Corn whiskey goes back several hundred years. This illegal whiskey was distributed at night in the glow of the moon along small roads. That’s how it got its name Moonshine. There was a high demand for illegal whiskey, and the Mafia quickly controlled the market.

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Cask aged rum: From cane to pure wellness

Rum has in recent years got a huge renaissance in Denmark. Especially cask aged rum, which is enjoyed in the same way as a good cognac or whisky, has become incredibly popular.

Read about the production of rum here.

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