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Here you’ll find a large selection of liqueurs. We offer the famous brands like Baileys and Kahlua, and lesser known quality products like Creme de cassis from small producers in France.

Liqueur is an alcoholic sweet drink, and the flavor is obtained from fruits, herbs and spices.

Some liqueurs are used as an avec with a cup of coffee, while others are used as a part of drinks and cocktails.

Queens Hyldeblomst 16% 5 cl.
Pure Lakridsshot
Marie Brizard, Chocolat Royal
Gin Bothy, Amaretto Gin liqueur 20% 50 cl.
Gin Bothy, Blueberry Gin liqueur 20% 50 cl.
Gin Bothy, Chilli Gin liqueur 20% 50 cl.
Gin Bothy, Raspberry Gin liqueur 20% 50 cl.
Gin Bothy, Rose Gin liqueur 20% 50 cl.
Gin Bothy, Strawberry Gin liqueur 20% 50 cl.
Anima Nera Lakrids Likør 21% 70cl - Marzadro
Cordialor Armagnac a l'Orange
Makers Mark, Mint Julep 100 cl. 33%
Bonpland Suave Rum & Grape
Queens Jordbær 16% 5 cl.
Queens Solbær 16% 5 cl.
Queens Æble & Kvæde 16% 5 cl.
Edinburgh Gin's Elderflower Liqueur
Edinburgh Gin's Raspberry Liqueur
Edinburgh Gin's Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur
Queens Hyldeblomst 16% 20 cl.
Queens Jordbær 16% 20 cl.
Stroh Cream Liqueur
Bols Advocaat 15%, 50 cl
Stroh Fire
Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal
Frederiksdal, Likør No. 1 20 cl.
Hutchison's Ginger Cream 14% 50cl
Baileys 70 cl
Aperol Aperitivo
Caloric Punch, 20%, 70 cl
Oskar Davidsen Solbærrom
Angostura Aromatic Bitters, 44,7%, 20cl
Negrita Cream
Vana Tallinn Liqueur
Archers Peach Schnapps Likør 18%, 70 cl.
Jean Gauthier, Liqueur de Cerise 35 cl
Jean Gauthier, Liqueur de Chataigne 35 cl
Joseph Cartron, Amaretto 25%, 50 cl
Malibu Original, Caribbean Rum with Coconut
Campari, 70 cl, 25%
Luxardo Limoncello 27%,70 cl
Joseph Cartron, Pampelmousse 18%, 50 cl.
Pallini Limoncello
Pure Passion Vodka shot 16,4% 70 cl.
Rondo, Aperitivo Bio
The New Black Lakrids Likør 30% 50 cl.
Wester Haws Olie, 35% 70 cl
Alizé Bleu Passion
Fruit de la Passion Liqueur 20% 70 cl (Passionsfrugt)
Gabriel Boudier, Creme de Cassis de Dijon 50 cl
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