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Le Radici, Barolo DOCG 2014

Le Radici, Barolo DOCG 2014

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From the hills of Piedmont, comes this glorious Barolo. The entire Barolo area is divided into several areas with sounding names as: Monforte d'Alba, Monforte d'Alba, Castiglione Falletto and La Morra. From here comes some of the best Italy can achieve the fiery, powerful and intense Nebbiolo wines, which also possesses an incredible elegance and finesse. This wine comes from the area and is a mix of the different areas, but most of La Morra, where the manufacturer also belong. Barolo'en is vinified and bottled by one of Piedmont's renowned wineries, but not its name to the wine. Grape material are taken from slightly younger than those sticks they use for their top wines, so there is a kind of bulk wine in a very high class. The name Le Radici, which means the roots, refers to the idea of ​​getting back to the original, typetro product that reflects the characteristics of the Barolo area is so well known for. Saving manufacturer's modernist set and it is naturally reflected in the wine. The stored for a minimum of 20 months in barriques, and is made by modern Barolo style. That is, a relatively short maceration, like in rotorfermentorer to get the color intensity better forward and reasonably high temperatures during fermentation. The method makes Barolo wine slightly softer tannins and a little juicier taste. Scent and Taste In all the great Barolo wines are a multitude of fragrance nuances and flavors. Some of the most frequent are: rose petals, licorice, violets, Kampfer, mint, leather, truffle, forest floor ect. In this wine you will also find many fine fragrance notes. When the wine has just closed up, it is reminiscent of mint, camphor and modellim. When the wine has oxidized slightly comes the beautiful flowered and fruity notes appear. Especially the dried rose petals and violets, but also the juicy notes of cherry and plum. Gastronomy To all great wines hear good food. Also in this case you find the best Piedmont cuisine forward. All that is long braised and grilled calf or beef fits beautifully with this wine. Also Risotto, stronger pasta dishes and tomato based sauces go well with the wine. Enjoy it at 16-18 degrees and give it a light oxygenation before serving. The wine has an aging potential of around 10 years from harvest.
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Vintage2015Alcohol14,5%Bottle Size75 cl
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