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Kusmi Tea
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Kusmi Tea

Thehuset Kusmi Tea was founded back in 1867 in St. Petersburg by Pavel Mikhailovich Kousmichoff. Kusmi Tea was back then very famous for its tea blends to the Russian Tsar. After the revolution Kousmichoffs family emigrated to France and today Kusmi Tea is based in Paris.

The range of Kusmi Tea is large and imaginative - and of high quality. The exclusive and chic design of the tea cans, makes them collectibles.

It can be difficult to return to other tea brands when you first become acquainted with Kusmi Tea ...

Kusmi Tea - Blue Detox 250 gr
Kusmi Tea - BB Xoted 250 gr
Kusmi Tea - Tsarevna 200 gr
Kusmi Tea, Xoted (Detox) 20 gr
Kusmi Tea - Thefilter
Kusmi Tea - Matryoshka Sugar
Kusmi Tea - Jasmine green tea 125 gr
Kusmi Tea - Karavan 125 gr.
Kusmi Tea - BB Xoted 125 gr
Kusmi Tea - Prins Vladimir 500 gr - Legache Tin
Kusmi Tea - Essentials Wellness
Kusmi Tea - Pianowhite Exclusice Blends
   Out of stock
Kusmi Tea Darjeeling 250 gr
   Out of stock
Kusmi Tea, Green Troika 125 gr
   Out of stock
Kusmi Tea - Strawberry Green tea
   Out of stock
Kusmi Tea, Winter by Kusmi Tea
   Out of stock
Kusmi Tea - Karavan 250 gr.
   Out of stock
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