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Grappa is Italy's answer to the Danish “snaps” and enjoyed as a brandy.

When the must have been squeezed from the grapes by the winemakers, the remains which are grape pulp and shells sent to a distillery.  At the distillery it will processed and converted into alcohol. This process is also used to produce other local spirits such as tequila in Mexico and “snaps” in Denmark.

Grappa varies widely, but common to all,  it is essential who produces the brandy. In that way Grappa from the best producers are in high demand.

Grappa is today more nuanced and producers are very discerning. Grappa carries no longer its former status as a "poor man's brandy".

Grappa Marzadro 43° (1 år) 43% 20cl
Dic' otto Lune 41% 20cl - Marzadro
Grappa Ginepro (Enebær) 40% 50cl - Marzadro
La Mia Grappa di Bardolino 40% 50cl - Marzadro
Grappa Liquirizia 40% 50cl - Marzadro
Nonino, Grappa Vendemmia Millesimata
Pisoni, Grappa Chardonnay
La Trentina Tradizionale 41% 70cl - Marzadro
Berta, Grappa Giulia Chardonnay
Berta, Grappa Monpra Barbera
Berta, Grappa Nibbio Barbera
Berta, Grappa Valdavi Moscato
Elio Altare, Grappa di Barbera
Nonino Grappa Chardonnay Barriques 41%, 70cl
Nonino Grappa Merlot 41%, 70cl
San Leonardo, Grappa di San Leonardo
Nonino Grappa Prosecco White 41%, 70cl
Pisoni, Grappa Chiave di Volta - Cultura Biologica
Pisoni, Grappa Barricata di Gewürztraminer
Grappa affinata Amarone 41% 70cl - Marzadro
Grappa affinata Chardonnay 45% 70cl - Marzadro
Caparzo Grappa Riserva 50 cl
Silver Seal, Grappa Grhisky
Silver Seal, Grappa Grhum
Berta, Grappa Bric del Gaian
Berta, Grappa Roccanivo
Berta, Grappa Tre Soli Nebbiolo
Berta, Grappa Riserva del Fondatore Paolo Berta
Pisoni, Grappa Asperula
Pisoni, Grappa Mirtillo
Pisoni, Grappa Trentina "Riccardo Schweizer"
Pisoni, Grappa Moscato
La Mia Grappa di Amarone 40% 50cl - Marzadro
La Mia Grappa Affinata Merlot-Marzemino 40% 50cl - Marzadro
Dic' otto Lune 41% 50cl - Marzadro
Berta, Grappa Piasí Brachetto
Elio Altare, Grappa di Barolo
Nonino, Grappa Vendemmia Riserva Annata
Nonino Grappa Moscato, 41%, 70cl
Cascina Ballarin, Grappa di Nebbiolo
Gaja, Grappa di Barbaresco 50cl
Luce, Grappa di Luce 50 cl
Nonino Antica Cuvee Riserva
San Leonardo, Grappa Stravecchia
La Trentina Morbida 41% 70cl - Marzadro
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Grappa Tignanello, Antinori 50 cl
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Grappa Magari - Ca'Marcanda GAJA 50 cl
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