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Gosset Champagne, Ay
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Gosset Champagne, Ay

Gosset is the oldest winery in Champagne.
In 1584 Pierre Gosset mainly produced red wines. Wines from Aÿ was then one of only two that found its way to the French kings table. In the 1800 century the wine from Aÿ began to bubble, and Gosset made their first Champagne.

At Gosset part of the process for the better cuvées is made in barrels. Gosset does not allow the malolactic fermentation in order to maintain the fine malolactic acid which retains the natural fruity aroma. All work in the basement is done by hand faithful to the old traditions. Gosset has grown slowly and is now exported to more than 40 countries, and served in the best restaurants in the world.

Gosset Brut Excellence Halvflaske 37,5cl
Gosset Brut Grande Reserve Halvflaske 37,5cl
Gosset Brut Grande Reserve
Gosset, Grand Blanc de Blancs
Gosset Brut Grand Rose
Gosset Grand Millesime 2006
Gosset 15 Ans de Cave
Gosset Celebris 2007
Champagne Gosset, Celebris Rose 2003
Gosset Brut Grande Rose Magnum
Gosset Petite Douceur Rose
Gosset Brut Grande Rose Halvflaske 37,5cl
Gosset Brut Grande Reserve Magnum
Gosset Grand Blanc de Noirs
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Gosset Brut Excellence Magnum
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