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Gerard Bertrand, Cigalus Rouge 2014

Gerard Bertrand, Cigalus Rouge 2014

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South of France has often been described as France's answer to California. In this respect, the comparison is based only on the heat. For hot there. In fact, in recent years too hot. It lacks water. This means that the vines crave. They put a few grapes. Lower yields as a result. Concentrated wines. Black. And most of all. Complex. For what California has in abundance, has southern France in shade richness and French cheek. The craftsmen at stake here. Not "Dress suit business but". There are hands dirty and a heart that beats harder than the sun in the dry earth. It is generally not good at marketing. So the entire region suffers from the consumer does not know the difference between Roussillon and Saint Saturnin. But it is Gérard Bertrand in the process of change! Gérard Bertrand is a great man with great charisma. He was previously known and loved in France rugby player. But he decided to take on a new challenge and consequently put the boots on the shelf after a long, successful career. In 1992 he took over the management of his father's winery, Domaine de Villemajou, with the objective that he would raise the standard, not just for the vineyard, but for the whole area, he will be the South of France, what Guigal's Rhône. A name that people can lean on, although they do not have the energy to put into the details. And he has a more than unique range to explore. Since the takeover, Gérard Bertrand namely invested in even more vineyards, spread over regions as Corbières, Minervois and Coteaux de Languedoc, so he now has the entire 470 ha "under foot" . Further, he entered into partnership with 40 other local producers, which closely follow his vision for quality in the vineyard, as - when the harvest is over - to sell the grapes to him. We are very proud to represent Gérard Bertrand's magnificent wines in Denmark - wines in France are listed on a large part of the country's three-star restaurants! Earth in the vineyard Cigalus consists of a mixture of clay and limestone, making it ideal to keep the water in the otherwise arid climate - an absolute necessity if you want to make balanced wines. A little unconventional for the area has Gérard primarily chosen to plant international grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Grape varieties, all of which thrive excellent climate, but there is no tradition of cultivating in the district, so they can never achieve a better rating than Vin de Pays, although the wine actually classes better than many AOC'ere.
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