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Domaine Marcel Deiss
8 pcs

Domaine Marcel Deiss Bergheim (near Ribeauvillé) cultivates his 27 hectares. by biodynamic Marcel Deissprincipper and produce wines which many call both "beautiful" and "class full". The vineyards - among them several classified Grands Crus - are distributed on no less than nine municipalities (220 plots). When the current owner Jean-Michel Deiss and his son Mathieu clearly in favor of highlighting the diversity of their wines, rather than ensuring standard ones are the wines from Domaine Marcel Deiss incredibly exciting to explore!

The art of blending grapes from the same field or terroir is one of the most used virtues of the viticulture in Europe. The method has been used in Alsace long before you even knew the difference in the respective grape varieties. At Marcel Deiss pays tribute to these practices and believes that the unification of several grapes from the same field gives the best results and can express the terroir in the most fashionable way.

Although Jean-Michel Deiss cultivates its vineyards by biodynamic principles, he is known for his openness about the subject. He does not belong to the extremists, who only swear by the rules, but he is trying to highlight the values ​​and the philosophy underlying the biodynamic thinking, while he has great respect for the traditional Alsatian cultivation.

That is why many call him the artist and provocateur! When tasting wines, the criticism dispelled: His wines are personal and characterful while they are some of Alsace's best!

Marcel Deiss, AOC Alsace 2017
Marcel Deiss, Pinot d'Alsace 2016
Marcel Deiss, Riesling Bio 2015
Marcel Deiss, Rouge de St. Hippolyte Bio 2012
Marcel Deiss, Berckem Bio 2014
Marcel Deiss, Engelgarten Bio 2013
Marcel Deiss, Rotenberg Bio 2011
Marcel Deiss, Schoenenbourg Grand Cru Bio 2011
Marcel Deiss, Riesling Bio 2015
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Marcel Deiss, Pinot Gris Bio 2012
   Out of stock
Marcel Deiss, Pinot Gris Bio 2013
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