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Dom Perignon
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Dom Perignon Champagne, Hautvillers, Epernay

In the 17th century the monk Perignon put the words on an ambitious vision: "To produce the best wine in the world." Not many years after the same monk said: "I am drinking stars."
Dom Perignon champagne is said to be the Champagne’s father, and even to this day the words are a brilliant and precise description of the fine taste experience you get when the glass is filled with legendary Champagne.

Dom Perignon 2009
Dom Perignon Vintage 2006
Dom Perignon 2009 GIFTBOX
Dom Perignon Vintage 2006 GIFTBOX
Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2004
Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2004 Giftbox
Dom Perignon Rose 2003, Iris van Herpen GIFTBOX
Dom Perignon, Plénitude Deuxiéme P2, 2000
Dom Perignon Rose 2005, GIFTBOX
Dom Perignon Vintage Magnum 2009
Dom Perignon, Plénitude Deuxiéme P2, 1998
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