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Bordeaux's closest northern neighbor - Cognac, is probably the world's most famous district for the production of brandy - and has been this since the 15th century.
In the year of 1860 the French geologist Coquand and his assistant made a division of the district after the type of soil, and discovered that the quality of Cognac was closely associated with particular the soil type.
6 areas was determined where the best - Grande Champagne - is placed in the middle of the area. The name comes from the Champagne district further up north and due to the fact that the soil in Grande Champagne contains a lot of chalk, similar to that of the famous French wine district. The chalk represents approximately 35% in the top layer and up to about 80% further down. And in Cognac as in Champagne, this soil type adds finesse and charm.

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Daniel Bouju Selection Speciale 35 cl
Daniel Bouju Reserve 35 cl Cognac
Tardy Cognac V.S.
Cognac Francois Voyer, VS Grande Champagne
Drouet Cognac VS
Montifaud, VSOP Cognac, Fine Petit Champagne
Tardy Cognac V.S.O.P.
Cognac Francois Voyer, Terres de Grande Champagne
Pierre Ferrand Cognac, 10 Generations
Tardy VSOP med 2 glas i gaveæske
Jean Fillioux Le Coq Cognac 40% 70 cl
Montifaud, L10 Premium Exception Cognac
Daniel Bouju Reserve Cognac
Drouet VSOP cognac 10 år 40% 70cl fra Grande Champagne
Cognac Francois Voyer, VSOP Grande Champagne
Jean Fillioux La Pouyade Cognac 42% 70 cl
Cognac Frapin VSOP
Tardy Cognac X.O.
Jean Fillioux Cep d'or Cognac 40% 70 cl
Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Reserve 1er Cru
Cognac Francois Voyer, Napoleon Grande Champagne
Daniel Bouju Empereur XO Cognac
Pierre Ferrand, Renegade Barrel Chestnut
Daniel Bouju, Royal Cognac
Montifaud VSOP Magnum Cognac
Chateau de Montifaud XO Fine Petit Champagne
Cognac Francois Voyer, XO Grande Champagne
Jean Fillioux Tres Vieux Cognac 40% 70 cl
Daniel Bouju Tres Vieux, 70 cl Cognac
Daniel Bouju, XO Cognac Caraffe
Debriac Cognac XO 25 år 40% 70cl Carafe Rossini
Cognac Francois Voyer, XO GOLD Grande Champagne
Maxime Trijol Cognac, XO, Grande Champagne
Remy Martin XO, Excellence Fine Champagne
Maxime Trijol Reserve
Debriac cognac Grande Champagne 35 år 40% 70cl m/træ æske
Hennessy XO
Chateau de Montifaud  Heritage Louis Vallet Fine Petit Champagne
Tesseron, Cognac Tresor
Hennessy VS
Daniel Bouju Selection Speciale Grande Champagne
Chateau de Montifaud, VS Cognac, Fine Petit Champagne
Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Ambre 1er Cru
Chateau de Montifaud, Reserve Michel Vallet Cognac, Fine Petit Champagne
Drouet Réserve de Jean, 15 år 40% 70cl NAPOLÉON
Chateau de Montifaud, Cognac Napoleon
Cognac Tesseron, The XO Collection, 4 x 5 cl flasker
Drouet Cuvée ULYSSE  XO 20 år 40% 70cl i Karaffel
Cognac Tesseron Lot No 90 XO Selection
Cognac Frapin, Domaine Chateau de Fontpinot XO
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