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Coffee beans
16 pcs
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5 pcs

Coffee beans

Here you will find the beans for a good cup of coffee - whether you like a strong cup of espresso or a mild and creamy chocolate cup of coffee.

Did you know that several hundred substances is identified to contribute to the taste of coffee? And that Midwife Coffee is an old "nickname" for very strong coffee?

Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes kaffe 250 g. (Malet kaffe)
Etiopisk Yirgacheffe Økologisk kaffe 250 g. (Malet kaffe)
Tanzania Shangri La kaffe 250 g. (Malet kaffet)
Espresso Napoli 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Super Crema espresso 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes kaffe 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Etiopisk Yirgacheffe Økologisk kaffe 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Super Aroma Økologisk Espresso 500 g.
Super Crema Økologisk espresso 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Tanzania Shangri La kaffe 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Tanzania Shangri-La AA espresso 500 g. (Hele bønner)
Super Crema espresso 1000 g. (Hele bønner)
Espresso Napoli 1000g. (Hele bønner)
Super Crema Økologisk espresso 1000 g. (Hele bønner)
Super Aroma Økologisk Espresso 1000 g.
Tanzania Shangri-La AA espresso 1000 g. (Hele bønner)
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