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Christmas candy
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Christmas candy

Christmas is a sweet time - and why not make it even sweeter with a luxurious chocolate advent calendar, confectionery and marzipan.

Here you will find our large assortment of Christmas products - mostly for the sweet tooth - but also for the Christmas dinner and Christmas party.

Merry Christmas!

Cocoture - Brrændte Mandler
Mandala Organic, Hvid Gløgg Blanding
Mandala Organic, Julekage Mix
Mandala Organic, Rød Gløgg Blanding
Meyers - Jule Blomme Marmelade
Mill & Mortar, Pebernødder
Summerbird, Amber mandler
Summerbird - Amber Croquant chokoladebar 100 g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Small Classic 125g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Small Dark 125g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Small Gold 125g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Small Snowball 125g.
Meyers - Rød Gløgg
Meyers - Æblegløgg
Valrhona - Chokolade Guanaja 70% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Tanariva 33% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Waina 35% 200 g.
Valrhona Kakaopulver 250gr
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Regular Classic 295g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Regular Dark 295g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Regular Gold 295g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Regular Snowball 295g.
Summerbird, 8 friske
Summerbird - Raspberry Red Mandler, Glas
Kusmi Tea - Tsarevna 200 gr
Summerbird - Liquorice Mandler, Glas
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Large Classic 550g.
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - Treats Mixed 550g. (classic/dark)
Ny Lakrids by Bülow - X-MAS MIXED 550g.
Lakrids by Bülow, Julekalender
Lakrids by Bülow, FAMILY CHRISTMAS 2019
Chokolade pebernødder i rød Palæ kræmmerhus
Cocoture, Hasselnød mix pose
Valrhona, Guanaja Home Cooking 1kg
Mandala Organic, Julesnapse Blanding
   2 - 4 days
Summerbird - Marcipan
   Midlertidigt udsolgt
Summerbird - Nougat
   4 - 4 days
Summerbird - Orangegrene i glas
Summerbird, Julegrise i gaveæske
Cocoture, 70% mørk mandel i sort/sølv pose
   Out of stock
Cocoture, Kakao Mandler pose
   Out of stock
Mandala Organic, Skov Gløgg Blanding
   Out of stock
Cocoture, 7 stk. Fyldte chokolader 80 g.
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Chokolade Caraibe 66% 200 g.
   Out of stock
Nute, Christmas Tea 100 gr
   Out of stock
Valrhona - Kokkechokolade Jivara
   Out of stock
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