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Christmas candy
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Christmas candy

Christmas is a sweet time - and why not make it even sweeter with a luxurious chocolate advent calendar, confectionery and marzipan.

Here you will find our large assortment of Christmas products - mostly for the sweet tooth - but also for the Christmas dinner and Christmas party.

Merry Christmas!

Cocoture, Hasselnød mix pose
Cocoture, Kakao Mandler pose
Mandala Organic, Hvid Gløgg Blanding
Mandala Organic, Julekage Mix
Mandala Organic, Julesnapse Blanding
Mandala Organic, Rød Gløgg Blanding
Mandala Organic, Skov Gløgg Blanding
Meyers - Jule Blomme Marmelade
Cocoture - Brrændte Mandler
Cocoture, 70% mørk mandel i sort/sølv pose
Mill & Mortar, Pebernødder
Cocoture, Marcipangris i rød palææske
Cocoture, Marcipanjuletræ i rød palææske
Meyers - Rød Gløgg
Lakrids by Bülow - Caramel Rouge (150 g)
Lakrids by Bülow - Classic Bronze small (150 g)
Lakrids by Bülow - Dark & Sea Salt (150 g)
Valrhona - Chokolade Caraibe 66% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Guanaja 70% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Tanariva 33% 200 g.
Valrhona - Chokolade Waina 35% 200 g.
Nute, Christmas Tea 100 gr
Valrhona Kakaopulver 250gr
Valrhona - Kokkechokolade Jivara
Lakrids by Bülow - Caramel Rouge (250 g)
Lakrids by Bülow - Classic Bronze regular (250 g)
Valrhona - Orangettes Chokolade 130 g.
Summerbird, Julekalender Børn
Lakrids by Bülow - Classic large (530 g)
Lakrids by Bülow -  Black box Caramel Rouge (250 g) + Black Snowball (250 g).
Lakrids by Bülow, Julekalender
Lakrids by Bülow, Gaveæske m. Choc Coated Liqourice
Summerbird - Julekalender
Valrhona, Ivoire Home Cooking 1kg
Summerbird - Julekalender Chiffoniere
Meyers - Æblegløgg
   8 - 8 days
NEB, Gran Eddike 250 ml
   8 - 8 days
Valrhona, Guanaja Home Cooking 1kg
Summerbird - Christmas Collection
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Winter Edition, pose
   Out of stock
Summerbird, Julemandler Ris a la mande
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Marcipan
   Midlertidigt udsolgt
Summerbird - Nougat
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Christmas Bar
   Out of stock
Summerbird - Orangegrene i glas
   Out of stock
Summerbird, Julegrise i gaveæske
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Jivara Home Cooking 1kg
   Out of stock
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