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Here we present a large quality range of chocolates from all the leading suppliers.

Here the good ingredients are in focus; for the money you get really high quality. Beautiful wrapping and exciting flavors in constant development is just extra luxury in this context.

But be careful; chocolate is addictive!

Cocoture, Marcipanjuletræ i rød palææske
Summerbird - Marcipan
Summerbird - Coffee Lovers
Summerbird - Liquorice
Summerbird - Nougat Mandler
Summerbird - Praliné Cocoa
Summerbird - Raspberry Red
Summerbird, Amber mandler
Summerbird, Praline & Croquant
Summerbird, Christmas Specialities
Summerbird - Sølvæg Miniature
Summerbird, 8 friske
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, hvid chokolade m. citron/lakrids 25g
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, lys chokolade m. lakrids/havsalt 25g
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, lys chokolade med kaffe/kokos 25g
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, mørk chokolade m. dobbelt lakrids 25g
Cocoture, Fløde blok chokolade m/hampfrø (Christiania)
Cocoture, Hvid blok chokolade m/roser (FYN)
Friis Holm Chokolade - Chuno Triple turned Nicaragua 70% 100 gr.
Barú - Milk Choc. Dark Caramel Marshmallows
Barú - Dark chocolate Marshmallows
Barú - Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallows
Matinettes - Lys pålægschokolade
Matinettes - Mørk pålægschokolade
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamel med lemon og hvid choko
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamel med mandler og havsalt
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Kjaramjel Kjog med mint og cjokolade
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamel fudge med fløde
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamelfudge mandler
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Lakridsfudge med flødechoko
Summerbird - Amber 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Liquorice 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Milk 49% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Peru 61% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Peru 71% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - White 36% Bar, 60 gr
Valrhona - Tainori 70 gr
Valrhona - Abinao 70 gr
Valrhona - Caraibe 70 gr
Valrhona - Guanaja 70 gr
Valrhona - Jivara 70 gr
Valrhona, Dulcey 70 gr
Valrhona, Manjari 70 gr
Valrhona, Caramelia Perles Craquantes 85 gr
Valrhona, Caraibe Noisettte 85 gr
Valrhona, Guanaja Grué 85 gr
Summerbird - Guayas mandler
Summerbird, Mandler med Mint & Rabarber
Summerbird, Vanilla & Cherry
Valrhona - Hvid Chokolade Drops 24%, 200 g.
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