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Here we present a large quality range of chocolates from all the leading suppliers.

Here the good ingredients are in focus; for the money you get really high quality. Beautiful wrapping and exciting flavors in constant development is just extra luxury in this context.

But be careful; chocolate is addictive!

AMMA, Økologisk chokladedrik 200 gr
Valrhona, Ivoire Home Cooking 1kg
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, hvid chokolade m. citron/lakrids 25g
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, lys chokolade m. lakrids/havsalt 25g
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, lys chokolade med kaffe/kokos 25g
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, lys chokolade praline-kræmmerhus
Malmö Chokladfabrik, Chokoladebar, mørk chokolade m. dobbelt lakrids 25g
Friis Holm Chokolade - Chuno Triple turned Nicaragua 70% 100 gr.
Barú - Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallows
Matinettes - Lys pålægschokolade
Matinettes - Mørk pålægschokolade
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamel med lemon og hvid choko
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamel med mandler og havsalt
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamel fudge med fløde
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Karamelfudge mandler
Kjaramjelfabrikken - Lakridsfudge med flødechoko
Summerbird - Amber 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Liquorice 36% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Milk 49% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Peru 61% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - Peru 71% Bar, 60 gr
Summerbird - White 36% Bar, 60 gr
Valrhona - Caraibe 70 gr
Valrhona - Guanaja 70 gr
Valrhona - Jivara 70 gr
Valrhona - Tainori 70 gr
Valrhona - Abinao 70 gr
Valrhona, Dulcey 70 gr
Valrhona, Manjari 70 gr
Valrhona, Caramelia Perles Craquantes 85 gr
Valrhona, Caraibe Noisettte 85 gr
Valrhona, Guanaja Grué 85 gr
Valrhona, Manjari Orange 85 gr
Summerbird - Coffee Lovers
Summerbird - Liquorice
Summerbird - Nougat Mandler
Summerbird - Praliné Cocoa
Summerbird - Raspberry Red
Summerbird - Strawberry mandler 100 g.
Monty Bojangles, Choccy Scoffy
Monty Bojangles, Cookie Moon
Monty Bojangles, Pistachio Marooned
Noir Marbré Pære 80 g
Summerbird, 2 hjerter
Valrhona, Delices - 6 stk. fyldte chokolader
Friis Holm Chokolade - Chuno Triple turned Nicaragua 70% 100 gr.
Friis Holm Chokolade - Dark Milk Nicaragua 65% 100 gr.
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