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At Liquor-Store-Europe you’ll find a huge selection of champagne. We loves excellent champagne and want even more people to do the same.

Many people drink champagne only at New Year's Eve and often a champagne of dubious quality - perhaps even a dry champagne to a sweet cake.

Good champagne can be acquired from around €25, - and up. If you in addition use the champagne for the right purpose - you’ll find nothing better.

Drink dry champagne before or at dining. Drink sweet and semi-sweet champagne for desserts and cakes.

Once you become aware of the experiences champagne will bring - you will find many occasions to open the festive bottle.

»Read more about champagne here

Champagne and sparkling wine
Champagne is a sparkling wine that comes from a specific area in France, the Champagne region. Some people mistakenly consider all sparkling wine as Champagne, but to use the name Champagne the wine has to be produced in the Champagne region.

Champagne bottles in all price ranges
We offer all the famous champagne brands and has a wide range. You can even order magnum Champagne bottles for immediate delivery.

Do you have any questions about champagne or anything else, please feel free to contact us. Visit our store or email us, and our experienced staff will advise you before, during and after your purchase.
Duval-Leroy, Champagne NV Brut 20 cl
Moet & Chandon, Brut Imperial 20 cl
Moët & Chandon, Rose Imperial 20 cl
Gosset Brut Excellence Halvflaske 37,5cl
Gosset Brut Grande Reserve Halvflaske 37,5cl
Louis Roederer Brut Premier 37,5cl
Janisson Brut Tradition
Champagne Mercier Demi-Sec
Champagne Mercier Brut
Jean Vesselle, Rose demi-sec Cuvee Friandise
Champagne Beaugrand, Blanc de Blancs Brut
Jean Vesselle, Sec
Moët & Chandon, Brut Imperial Champagne
Champagne Mercier Brut Rose
Jean Vesselle, Rose de Saignee
Gosset Brut Grande Rose Halvflaske 37,5cl
Duval-Leroy, Champagne NV Brut
Moët & Chandon, Nectar Imperial Champagne
Taittinger, Brut Reserve
   In stock
Duval-Leroy, Champagne Demi-Sec
Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label
Leclerc Briant, Brut Reserve
Gosset Brut Grande Reserve
Pol Roger Rich, Extra Cuvee de Reserve
Moët & Chandon, Rose Imperial Champagne
Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec
Deutz Demi-Sec Champagne
Champagne Theophile Roederer, Brut Rose
Deutz Brut Classic Champagne
Taittinger, Nocturne City Lights Rose
Diebolt Vallois, Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2005
Veuve Clicquot Sec
Moët & Chandon, Rose Imperial, Black Tie
Veuve Clicquot Rose
Duval-Leroy, Cuvée des M.O.F. Sommeliers 2010
Deutz Brut Rose
Ruinart, Rose
Gosset Brut Grand Rose
Gosset Petite Douceur Rose
Moet Chandon, Imperial Ice Rose
Pol Roger Vintage Rose Brut 2009
Ruinart, Blanc de Blancs
Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 2009
Veuve Clicquot, Vintage Rose 2008
Leclerc Briant, Chevres Pierreuses 1er cru
Louis Roederer, Brut Rosé Vintage 2012
Louis Roederer, Brut Vintage 2009 Champagne
Customer service

Behind Liquor-Store-Europe is the largest online wine and liquor store in Scandinavia. The shop is staffed with trained and passionate staff, with great knowledge and retail experience in wine and spirits .
Should you have any questions, or problems finding a specific product, feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you, finding the right wine for you, and answer any questions you might have relating to your order.

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