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Aquavit or snaps- words for the same kind of spirit

Production takes place in the Nordic countries, and is distilled from grain or potatoes added various spices. The distillation is diluted and the final product contains a alcohol percent around 40.

Whether a aquavit should be enjoyed ice-cold or at room temperature is a matter of taste ...

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O.P. Anderson Aquavit Björk
Thylandia - Juleakvavit Gylden
Aalborg Jule Akvavit 2017
Hellstrøm Aquavit
Brøndum Kummenaquavit, 45%, 35cl
Brøndum Snaps
O. P. Anderson Aquavit 40% 70cl
Aalborg Taffel Akvavit 70 cl, 45%
O.P.Anderson Aquavit - økologisk Miniature Mix 10 x 5 cl
Aalborg, Porse Snaps 40%, 70cl
Aalborg Krone Akvavit 70 cl
Den Ny Spritfabrik, D Argentum Dild Aquavit
Kompas Snaps 70 cl
O.P. Anderson Extra Aquavit
Aalborg Jubilæums Akvavit 42%, 70 cl
Livsins Vatn Akvavitt
Løiten Aquavit 40%, 70 cl
Hr. Skov Juleakvavit
Fur, Gylden Snaps 50 cl.
Fur, Malt Snaps
Schumachers Juleakvavit 2018
Thylandia - Klithede 50 cl. 38%
Thylandia - Porse Snaps
Urtekildens Klare Aquavit
Aalborg Jule Akvavit 2016
Aalborg Nordguld Aquavit, 40%, 70cl
Havid Akvavit, 50%, 70cl
Høvding Aquavit
Løitens Sommer Aquavit
Lysholm Linie Aquavit
O.P. Anderson Aquavit, Limited Edition Whisky Cask
Drammens Aqvavit 70cl  40%
Copenhagen Distillery, Long Pepper Snaps
Hellstrøm Juleaquavit
Snaps Bornholm no. 1 Chilli
Snaps Bornholm no. 2 Havtorn, Dild & Agurk
Snaps Bornholm no. 3 Figen
Snaps Bornholm no. 4 Hindbær, Ingefær & Granatæble
Snaps Bornholm no. 5 Vanilje
Snaps Bornholm no. 6 Blåbær & Citron
Snaps Bornholm no. 7 Lakrids
Snaps Bornholm no. 8 Chilli & Honning
Snaps Bornholm Gaveæske
Aalborg Export Akvavit 38%, 70cl
Harald Jensen Aromatisk Akvavit 45%, 70 cl
Gammel Reserve Aquavit
Linie Akvavit, Double Cask Madeira
O.P. Anderson Aquavit, Limited Edition Sherry Cask
O.P. Anderson Juleakvavit
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Aalborg Grill Akvavit
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