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Life’s too short for insufficient equipment!

Here you’ll find a wide range of accessories - do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something specific.

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Ethnic Culture Theæg
Normann Cph - Thestrainer, mint
Normann Cph - Thestrainer, rød
Libbey Hobstar Glas, low 35cl
Hario Paper Filter 01 - 100 stk
Normann Cph - Theæg, grå
Hario Paper Filter 02 - 100 stk
Hario Paper Filter 03 - 100 stk
Bogen Gin, Tonic & Tilbehør - masser af nye opskrifter
Hario Doseringsske, Stål
Sing te, Hvid tekop 180 ml., incl. bambus underkop
Sing te, Holder til piskeris i lyseblå
Hario Doseringsske, Kobber
Hario Dryp skål V60, hvid porcelæn
Sing te, Matcha piskeris
TermokrusUCHI - Silver 35 cl
For Life - Stump Teapot 400 ml, Hvid
For Life - Stump Teapot 400 ml, Hvid
Hario, Pour Over Kit
For Life - Acorn Teapot, Black
Hario - Filter In, Coldbrew Tea, Green 0,75, L
Hario - Filter In, Coldbrew Tea, Red 0,75, L
Hario Dripper 01 V60 - hvid porcelæn
Hario - Filter In, Coldbrew Coffee, Mocca 0,75, L
Hario KA-KU Ice Tea Brewer, Pale Green 1,2 lt.
Hario KA-KU Ice Tea Brewer, White 1,2 lt.
Sing te, Japansk glaskande med si
ForLife Dew Teapot 1,1 L. - Lavender
Hario, Glass Coffee Brewing Kit
Hario V60 Ketle Buono 1 lt.
Hario V60 Ketle Buono 1,2 lt
Duftsæt, Barrique/Fad aroma 12 stk.
Duftsæt, Rødvin aroma 12 stk.
Duftsæt, Whisky aroma 12 stk.
Duftsæt, Wine Faults/Fejl aroma 12 stk.
Filter Refill til Coffee Maker - Aeropress Aerobie
Hario - Filter In, Coldbrew Tea, Off-White 0,75, L
Duftsæt, Chokolade aroma 12 stk.
For Life - Teabag Teapot 35cl
Hario - Filter In, Coldbrew Tea, Pale Red 0,75, L
For Life - Wholeleaf Tea Mug 35cl SÆLG IKKE
Cold Brew Coffee Bottle - 75 cl. Brown
Hario V60 Glaskande Range Server 80 cl
For Life - Stump Teapot 50cl
   Out of stock
For Life - Curve Teapot 1,3 liter
For Life - Stump Teapot 400 ml, Hvid
   Out of stock
Te-æg, "Kedel"
   Out of stock
Te-æg, "Tekande"
   Out of stock
Valrhona, Initiation Grand Crus - pakning med 6 stykker
   Out of stock
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