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Absinthe is produced by adding wormwood, fennel and anise to strong alcohol. The result is distilled to a clear liquid which can be mixed with various herbs. Chlorophyll from the leaves gives absinthe the distinctive green color. Lastly, water is added, which will result in a alcohol level between 50% and 75% in the finished absint. Absinth directly from the kettle contains more than 80% alcohol.

Absinta Lehmann Antiqua Formula 1895 42% 70 cl.
Petit Bleu Pastis 45% 70cl fra Frankrig
Absinthe Lehmann Onirique 70% 70 cl.
Absinthe Lehmann Violette 60% 70 cl.
Absinta Lehmann Cannabis Fuego Negro 70% 70 cl.
Absinta Lehmann Thujone Delirium 70% 70 cl.
Versinthe Classic Absinthe 45% 70 cl.
Herbsaint Legendre original
Hapsburg Absinthe XC Red Fruits 89,9%
Le Pastis du Pastis 45% 70cl
Aqualanca Orange Pastis 45% 70cl fra Frankrig
Tabu Absinthe 73%  50 cl
   Out of stock
Versinthe La Blanche Absinthe 55% 50cl fra Frankrig
   Out of stock
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